» Sirio Lampone SPI Digital
  • Deep, rich red board
  • HP Indigo Certified
  • Dry toner compatible
  • FSC Mix Certified
  • pH neutral
Lampone - Red
sheet size 464 x 320 
Bold Dimension indicates grain direction
  • Brochure
  • Business Card
  • Cards - Greeting
  • Folder - Presentation
  • Invitation
Sirio Lampone is a FSC Mix certified paper, which ensures that all pulp is derived from well-managed forests.  It is elemental chlorine free, and manufactured by an ISO 14001 mill.
green factsheets  184kb, pdf  Download
  • Digital Printing Compatible - Indigo
technical specifications  184kb, pdf  Download
Eco-Bleaching ProcessEnvironmental Management SystemForest ManagementISO Certifications
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