» Carta Solida Digital
  • HP Indigo & dry toner compatible
  • Triple coated bleached carton board
  • Elegant finish on the top side
  • Clean, white surface on the reverse
  • Outstanding brightness and smoothness
  • Superior stiffness values
  • FDA approved

Available in 225gsm/355um, 250gsm/415um, 270gsm/455um

Coated Bleached Carton Board
sheet size 450 x 320 SG 
Bold Dimension indicates grain direction
  • Bookbinding Board
  • Book
  • Cards - Greeting
  • Packaging - Board
  • Point of Sale
  • Postcard
Carta Solida is a PEFC Certified paper which is made from fibre that uses a combination of ECF and TCF bleaching, and is derived from sustainably managed forests and non-controversial sources. It is manufactured by an ISO14001 certified mill.
green factsheets  190kb, pdf  Download
  • Digital Printing Compatible - Indigo
technical specifications  190kb, pdf  Download
Laser Compatible
Environmental Management SystemForest ManagementISO Certifications
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