» CORE Boxboard
  • A solid grey multi-ply board, available in unlined and pasted
  • Suitable for book binding, backing pads, calendar stands, gift boxes and game boards
  • Manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled waste
  •  FSC® Recycled Certified.


CORE Boxboard Unlined
580um/350gsm   -   750um/450gsm   -   1000um/600gsm   -   1170um/700gsm

CORE Boxboard Pasted
1750um/1050gsm   -   2350um/1400gsm   -   3000um/1800gsm

»  There are no finishes defined for this Paper Product
sheet size 690 x 910,  760 x 1020 
Bold Dimension indicates grain direction
  • Bookbinding Board
  • Packaging - Board

FSC® Certified printers:
CORE Boxboard is manufactured entirely from recycled fibre and is FSC® Recycled Certified.

Other printers:
CORE Boxboard is manufactured from 100% recycled fibre.

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